The Run Down

Here's what's going down this week and weekend :
* Sealing the upstairs and staircase to prep for carpet.
* Finding out carpet is back-ordered and won't be available for install until the middle of February.
* Prepping countertops for new overlay, including sink removal.
* Picking up new Formica and installing over existing countertops (yay!)
* Installing new sink (double yay!)
* Securing a U-Haul for 7am pick up on Saturday(

Oh, and moving. Can't forget the official moving.... What a joy that will be. Sense the sarcasm? Layin' it on pretty thick here.

The fun part is that it means my parents and their pup Shiloh will be back up to these northern lands to lend a hand, and some home-cookin' will be traveling along with them.

I am seriously looking forward to February and getting to dive back into all things wedding. Maybe this whole house-buying sitch was just the break I needed to make me realize bazillions of felt flowers and piles of tissue paper and tulle aren't real work!
Silver lining.....?

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