Juggling Act

It's been a struggle to switch gears the last few weeks between Homeowner and Bride-To-Be.
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Planning and crafting for the wedding have pretty much been put on hold for the month of January, which I've been able to come to terms with, but in my mind that means that everyone around me should have come to terms as well.

Come on, people. Telepathy is the new black.

So getting a question about which dress should be worn in 3 months while trying to decide on which room needs to get painted today and where to get carpet and which fixture finish to get and what hole still needs to be spackled and hurry up because we have to actually move IN..................................

It's ugly, alright? So to all you wonderful, well-meaning, utterly lovely people in my life who've had their adorable little heads bitten off on the phone or in person by yours truly of late : Enter Official Apology Here.

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.....But wait to bring it up again until after January 31st. Fair warning.

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