Counter Balanced

The countertops went in ... er, on... last Thursday, and seriously could not look better.

We want to do something  yummy like granite when we know what a full bank account looks like again at some point in the future, so for now decided to go with Formica laminate in the color Jamocha Granite through Lowe's (if you order online and have it shipped to the store there's no shipping fee!).

How appropriate for the region, eh? Totally looking forward to being my own barista on my coffee-themed counters (no bikini baristas* though, sorry.)

The original, minus the HOLES that were spackled out.
Nate & Brian measure, measure, measure.
Glue on meeting surfaces, laminate going on!!
Talk about contrast...
It's on!! It's on!!
Oh - So - Pretty. Even with removed backsplash marks.
You know we had to drop the sink in just to get the full idea.
Check 'er out, quite the transformation eh? And all for under $100. The install is all thanks to Nate's amazing buddy Brian who is a former contractor. He had the know-how AND the patience to direct newbies like Nate and I as we tried to assist him / try not to ruin anything.

*Yes, bikini barista stands are literally on every corner up here - The regular ones that just serve coffee have to advertise that they're "family friendly". So prep for that, wedding out-of-towners. My apologies on the behalf of Western Washington. Ugh.

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