House-ing Around

More tidbits... Because I'm too tired to actually write anything... And you're about to see why :
The pup wonders what the heck is goin' on...

Painting the Powder Room navy blue!

Carpet no more in Master / Master Bath

My Dad & Nate install the new Family Room fixture

Dad doin' work on Guest Room #1

My Fam (note the gorg yellow walls in the Fam Room!!)

Installed range and microwave & painted walls!

Mom & I & The Trash 'Bin' (aka : Dishwasher Box)

Nate & his dad doing some measuring

Carpet Destruction Win!!

Seriously. 40+ holes in this wall. WTF, former homeowners.


  1. You are so smart to do this stuff before you move in while the place is empty. Congrats!

  2. It's really coming together in the most gorgeous of ways! Yay!!!


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