Every time I've left an apartment, I've never looked back . On to bigger and better, right?

Well this one is a little different - We're officially outta there today, and I'm a little sad that I'll never get to go back in to good ol' 9F (Nate's apartment) again.
Why? Well, on June 30th of last year - my birthday - little did I know that Mr. Nate had plans to propose to me on the beach we love after my chosen b-day dinner. Thrown off by wind/rain/tide-being-in/NERVES... the Big Question ended up being popped in the apartment kitchen.

It's okay, there were flowers and cake involved.

So, much to his present day chagrin, I made him ignore the cleaning chaos of the apartment this weekend and "re-create" the proposal so I could have photographic evidence to look back on.
Can't you tell he's thrilled?! He's a patient guy, this one.

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