Weekend Re-Cap

It was a dirty, grimy weekend. And no, not even due to the foot of snow melting in the pouring rain and making me wish we had an ark instead of a 4 wheel drive truck.

I'll stick with the trend and let the pictures do the talkin'.
Carpet Choosing with Martha Stewart

The Winner : Spud (not this dark in real life)
Painted Archway (dining and formal living)

Formal Living paint is finito!

Painted Master (bluer in real life)
And now for the dirty bit.... Look away if you're eating...
We tore up all the carpet pad.....
.....and wore masks and gloves like this......
.......because THIS is what's under your carpet, people!!! GROSS!!

Swept & Vaccumed on the right, NOT on the left.
Sorry. Pretty horrifying, eh? If that doesn't make you want to go rent one of those giant deep cleaner things from the grocery store I don't know what will.

I know we're all still shuddering.

But it does make the carpet price quote we got yesterday easier to swallow : Worth every penny!! I'm almost excited to go fork over the money tonight. .............. Ugh. So gross.

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  1. Is the Spud the same as Tucker brown? Also, we ran into something similarly gross with carpet in our house...you will be so thankful to have it fresh and new when you live there! PS - Your house looks huge! Are you going to have a craft room?


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