A Stress-Filled Stay-Cation

Now don't you go thinking that because I've been M.I.A since before Christmas that I've been lounging about eating bon bons.

...Although admittedly there was a holiday uptick in the chocolate consumption.

No, no. I had time off from work, and put it to good use. Fringing! Cleaning! Oh, and HOUSE BUYING! Yes, it's true - Nate and I are officially home owners! Let me give you the short version of how it all went down :

1) We will sign papers on the 23rd, hoorah!
2) Oh wait, no we won't. Just hang tight and wait for our call.
3) Hmm, perhaps you should drive for 30 minutes to sign your name once to give power-of-attorney to Ashley since Nate will be leaving town...
4) Keep waiting!
5) Nate flies out to Texas for the Husky's Alamo Bowl debut.
5) Hmm... Maybe you should wait some more.
6) Oh, we told you you would sign by the 27th? Just kidding.
7) Oh, we told you you would sign by the 28th? Just kidding. Again.
8) Oh, we told you you would sign by the 29th? Oops.
9) WAIT!!! The bank closes in 15 minutes! Get there and get the cashier's check and drive back to the 30 minutes away location by 7pm where the Escrow office will stay open late for you! GO GO GO!!!
10) WAIT!!! It's 3 minutes before the bank closes and we told you the wrong amount to put on the cashiers check!!
11) Escrow office. Signing for two. My full name plus Nate's full name plus a full sentence of "Nate... by Ashley... his power of attorney, in fact." On EVERY line.
12) Homeowners.

Yes. That was the short version. More on wedding and house stuff in the next few days!
Signatures on about 75% of this stack. Serious hand cramp-age.

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