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FINALLY started work on my invitation suite. It was admittedly stressing me out to know that invitations needed to head out the door in the next month or so and not a shred of work had been done.

I made a Save The Date that went out ages ago, so I already had an idea, but formatting and writing the text is always the time consuming portion of any paper design project. Not wanting to fork over $5 - $infinity per invite for professional guys, I scoured the internet back in July for free invitation templates.

Enter Hloom.com, which offers templates for everything from resumes to fax cover sheets. This is the one I landed on :
Don't mind the red/orange/Latin combo... With some tweakage it's become a turquoise/grey/English combo that will be printed and sent to the masses. And it's not tough - I don't have any sort of expertise or even access to programs like Photoshop, so all the color changes were done on the photo/doc editing stuff that comes with computers (really showing my deep seated interest in all things tech right now, aren't I...).

Took a couple hours but I've managed to create the invite and an RSVP card, and now all that's left is a sheet of particulars (venue location, attire, etc.). Figuring out sizing and placement on paper has been the worst part - I want to get the biggest bang for my buck on the fancy paper we purchased so wrangling two invites per page and four RSVP cards per page has really been the biggest time suck. I'll hopefully get two 'particulars' sheets per page too, then they'll be folded in half for envelope stuffing.

I'm sure you care.

Not done, but feels great to have a major start, especially in the midst of all this house stuff. Woot!

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