'E' for Effort

No one can say we don't have sweat equity in this house. Photo recap of last weekend's accomplishments... Go!
Morning trip to Home Depot for paint
Nate & his dad tape off the 2-story entryway

Tucker takes it all in from the stairs

color going on the entryway walls via scaffolding
snow continues to fall on the back yard

guest room #2 gets a coat

the color of the guest rooms
'Gazebo Gray' entryway! Look at the ceiling for contrast.
No one fell off the 20 foot ladders, only one extra gallon of paint had to be run out and purchased, and although I failed to get a picture, the giant master bedroom also was taken to task with a smart coat of Behr Premium 'Blue Fox', and both the upstairs and downstairs hallways as well as the stairway itself was liberally doused in the same 'Gazebo Gray' that graces the entryway.

Aside from a moment when I jumped about 3 feet in the air and about peed my pants thinking God was talking to me thanks to Nate, who didn't tell me he was 20 feet in the air on a ladder when I thought he was upstairs and stood nearly under him asking a question, all went smoothly.

And the tears of hilarity from my seemingly literal come-to-Jesus moment were a nice break too, once I recovered.

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