Felt Flower Fiesta: Boutonnieres Finished

 Kindly ignore the fact that I said I wouldn't be talking about felt flowers anymore a while back. I'm swimming in these suckers, so I guess they're bound to rear their fuzzy heads here from time to time.

I'm checking another project off the list as 100% complete however : The boutonnieres! I finished the last two for the dads this weekend, so :
1 Groom + 4 Groomsmen + 1 Ring-bearer + 2 Dads = 8 Boutonnieres

Really what that equation should equal is a big ol' sigh of relief from yours truly. With the completion of those last two I am done with felt for the foreseeable future.

Nate's is the only rose in the bridal party, all the others are the dahlia-style in turquoise. The dads are each getting a navy rose in the same style.
I also found the sweetest little freshwater pearl bracelets on Amazon and whipped up a sort of corsage for the moms, grandmas, and my junior bridesmaids (and documented it in the lackluster photo below):
I figure they can snip the threads that hold the flower onto the bracelet later and have a cute lil' piece of jewelry to hang onto and wear again.

Checkity check check CHECK.

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