Flying The Flag

Sorry for the radio silence over the weekend, but it offered me a much-needed opportunity to crack down and knock out a few projects that have been hanging over my head.
Not to mention a little down-time too, which was probably more of a mental necessity then craft project completion . Props to Nate for convincing me to stop, sit, and be lazy for a few minutes!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned, but the thought of crafting more felt flowers for my flower girls became an overwhelming thought a while back - I couldn't figure out how they would carry them, or if they threw petals, who I would assign to clean them up (we're on the hook for anything 'littered about' the building/grounds at our venue) . Enter : Flags
I've seen them dotting wedding photography all year, and in a clouds-breaking-light-shining-down moment, I decided not only were they just the thing, but I could make my own rather than ordering them from a vendor.

Remember the pack of stencils and the poster board from the Michael's supplies photo? The thick paper lent itself perfectly to a double-weight pennant, and the stencils were put to use on some scrapbooking paper I already had, the letters the cut out and adhered. The stack of ribbons and dowels from that photo were put to use too : Ribbon wrapping the halved dowel and dangling from the top of the pennant, the dowel acting as a hand-hold.

Now of course I'm worried that my lil' flower girlies will be disappointed in the fact that they don't have flowers to hold or petals to toss, but hopefully some sparkly ribbon and some handmade flowers pinned to their dress sashes will suffice.

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  1. I doubt they'll notice the difference! These signs are cool and - like you said - you won't have to have someone cleaning up felt petals all over the place. Good thinking, Ash.


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