Piles of Blessings

I've never been much of a socialista, but having all these fun things filling up my future calendar is looking like a pretty good time right now! Nate and I are UNBELIEVABLY lucky to be surrounded by so many supportive, beautiful folks who offer their time, love, and generosity without end.

Case in point :

Two of my lovely ' Maids - Emily and Paula - got together and handmade invites to a shower they planned for me. How lucky and spoiled am I!
I added the blurs. The original is flawless!
And my soon-to-be In-Laws finalized the menu for our rehearsal dinner, which is at an incredibly fabulous local French restaurant with a pretty crazy history (rum-runners, shady cops, bullet holes, the whole nine! - Check it out here under 'history').
And we continue to get the most lovely and generous gifts in the mail. This time a rug I adore, sent from my Aunt Barb. Thank you Auntie!
Puggle Tested, Puggle Approved.
Feeling the LOVE. Thank you, all of you.

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