As we draw nearer to the actual date of the wedding, it seems like everyone wants a piece of us.
Just thought I'd document what's gone down in the last 1.5 weeks so when I look back on this happy blur I remember the crazy :

2/29 : Meet with DJ. Solidify ceremony schedule, all music, and reception schedule.
3/3 : Meet with owner of Frost Doughnuts. Choose flavors, cake, amounts. Pay.
3/6 : Show our realtor all the changes in the home she found for us.
3/7 : Meet with my wedding-day hairdresser, and get a much-needed cut.
3/8 : Meet with our Pastor. Solidify ceremony and vows.
3/9 : Try on my dress post-alterations. Decide if anything else needs to be changed.

Whew, right?! Busy, busy bees. I've never had such a packed calendar.

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