Licensed to Wed

We're getting our marriage license today! 
Wishing it would look like this vintage beaut, but guessing it's probably a bit more sterile.
3/22/12 Update:
Just to record a few little things from getting our license :
1) Did you know you have to raise your right hand and "swear to tell the truth, the whole truth" and all that?! I didn't. Then I didn't know what to say ... "I do?" "Yes?" Luckily Nate swooped in with a "yes" so I followed suit.
2) We went on a Wednesday afternoon before 3pm, and yet two other couples were there doing the same thing. Three marriage licenses in like 15 minutes. Who knew they hand 'em out like candy?!
3) The Snohomish County Office is a freakin' maze. We ended up coming and going up some side stairs that I'm pretty sure were blockaded. Not well though, so we busted through and continued on our way. No arrests, so I guess we're good.
We Be Official!

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