I'm struggling away trying to rid myself of a terrible cold, but am still reeling from the amazing-ness that was this past weekend.

A bridal shower that Martha Stewart herself would have been inspired by, and a bachelorette party with those nearest and dearest to me (minus 'Maid Melissa - we missed you!!).

I'll start with a few pictures of the bridal shower, and I'm sure more will come in the next few days. Thank you specifically to Vicki Jo Johnson and Nancy Lang for the amazing hosting and decorating skills, and 'Maids Emily and Paula for planning, scheming, and delegating. Love you all!
The Dessert Table
Gift Opening
The INCREDIBLE Hardanger Ring Pillow handmade by Vicki Jo Johnson
Laughing with ' Maid Rebecca

Pulling Some 'Sugar' Out of Our New Sugar Bowl
I Guess People Know What Colors I Like...
Gorgeous Earrings made by Laura of Laura Bee Designs - Featuring my Boutonnieres!
My 'Bride' Hoodie - New Fave!
Extra thanks goes to MOH Emily for snapping these pics while I was busy being spoiled beyond reason.

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