Sittin' On Top Of The World

... Actually, sittin' on top of the doughnut cake.

Same thing, really.

I'm telling you, this week has worked me over, and these blog entry titles are living proof! Anyway, we've already covered what happened to the ball of string in the photo of the latest haul from Michael's craft store, so now we're on to that random wooden "J".

Cake topper! I'll attach two wooden 'spears' to the base, and that's what will stick into the top of the cake to support the letter. Easy and cute. Count it.
Don't know why these pictures are loading sideways, and quite honestly I don't have the patience to fix it today. You know it's a J.

It's painted in that same 'Lagoon' that I covered the cake stand bases with, so that whole doughnut situation will be a coordination station.

Wow . I need to be done . Happy weekend!

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