Mantra : Be The Bride

Came across some great advice on my fave wedding blog, 100 Layer Cake, this week .

It's from Kendra of Summer Street Photography, who recently married her husband & photog partner Matt . Knowing Kendra has helped guide so many girls through their Big Day and is so aware of those little, important moments, I thought her advice was fantastic :

"Three pieces of advice I will always give future brides are: 
1. Hire a photographer that you love. You’ll have two things after your wedding: your husband and the photos. Everything else is a one time use only.  
2. On the day of your wedding you can be NOTHING but the bride, so plan accordingly. If you do this you will be so much more present to enjoying every last inch of it. So many people say it goes by in a second but ours felt like a prolonged daydream that went on forever. It was heaven. 
3. Enjoy life after the wedding (and if you can afford it, go on an amazing honeymoon to get you off to the right start!)" 
Number two is ringing especially true in my ears. With so many projects and people already asking what their wedding day tasks will be, I have GOT to remember that all I have to do is be the bride. I'll have spent 8 solid months on details and execution that I've handled most of by myself, so you know what? Other people can handle it on The Day.

There. I said it. Call me bridezilla, but it's gonna be all about my sanity and enjoyment on April 7th, and that is that.
Rawr (or whatever sound a bridezilla is supposed to make...).

P.S. As for numbers one and three, we have the best photographer ever in Dana Pleasant, and while we're waiting to take our 'real' honeymoon to a warm beach until next December/January, a mini-moon is in the planning-works for the few days we have off post-wedding.

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  1. we will ALL make sure you are able to sit back and soak it all in. It is your and Nate's day beautiful! It's going to be amazing. Love, love, love!


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