What Comes Before Part B?

Why, PART-AAAY of course!! (Laguna Beach reference? Anyone? Just me? Okay then.)

'Maid-Of-Honor Emily trekked her way up from Portland last night with 'Maid Paula in tow to have their innaugural stay in the guestroom in our new house, and we'll be going 100 mph all day.

My makeup artist Yessie is coming to the house at 9:30 to do a wedding day trial run, and then oh-so-graciously fix me up for the rest of the day.
That rest-of-the-day includes my bridal shower hosted by Nate's mom at her house and organized by 'Maids Emily and Paula, then it's off to the bachelorette party with just my best girls : 'Maids Em, Paula, and Rebecca. I couldn't be more excited for some excellent girly goodness.

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