Picture This

I've always loved old family photos, so wanted to be sure to incorporate them in some form into our wedding.

Recently, Shutterfly offered a deal to get 101 prints for free (plus shipping). I snapped it up, using the same photos I used in our photo guest book I ordered a while back. Then came some figuring out of exactly how many tables we will have at the reception, followed by some photo sorting, and what was this...
...will become sheets of trimmed and puzzled together photos for each table to peruse. The plan is to also have a little note on each to 'pass around the table, then trade with a table near you' so everyone can see them all.

I also dug up a photo of both sets of grandparents on each side and both Nate and I's parents on their wedding days to display somewhere.
You may notice one photo is missing : My mom is currently making and sending a copy of a great photo of her parents for me to use. And I'll be picking up this 'French Memo Board' in ivory to tuck them into. Since only 2 grandmothers out of the 8 grandparents in the photos (once complete) will be attending, I love that they'll be represented in other ways.

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